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Translations are more than just merely translating a word from one language to the other. A translator must understand the context word. Why did the writer use this word? What is the writer trying to coney? How can it be translated so that the reader understands it? These are a couple of questions that each translator asks him or herself in the court of doing a translation.

Spanish is spoken in numerous countries. In Europe, the Caribbean, South and Central America. In Mexico and all over the United States, there are millions of Spanish speakers. The types of Spanish spoken varies depending on the person, the region that person is from, and a array of other factors. I remember doing translation for a public defender. He would have me translate the letters the inmates from prison wrote him. Then we had a client a series of PowerPoints that were going to be presented in Argentina. One can imagine that there was a substantial lexical difference from these two clients alone.

So when you are getting a Spanish translation done, be aware of who is translator is. Make sure that he or she understands the region where you document comes from. Make sure that the translator is able to convey exactly what the original author intended. The word “cachondo” means one thing in Spain and a entirely different thing in Mexico.

Kepo Inc. has translators from Spain, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, and Uruguay. We don’t randomly assign the jobs to our translators. Instead we pick the translator who will be the best fit for the job. You will know who is translating your Spanish documents to English or English documents to Spanish. We have the best and we will use the best for your project. Our transparency and our diversity are what make us unique and make us your best choice for you Spanish and English translation needs.

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It may appear stressful at first, but getting a website, birth certificate, marriage license, or school transcripts translated and certified can be a simple process. At Kepo, we work around the clock so you can have what you need, when you need it. We have built a team of certified translators that have a wide array of backgrounds and extensive experience. Each document is assigned to the translator best suited for the job, and we ensure that each word is translated correctly. In addition, we make sure the format of the translation is identical to the original. This gives it a professional appearance that will be accepted by any university or government institution, including the USCIS. At Kepo, we care about giving you a positive experience and making this entire process easier allowing you to to get back to the things that matter most in your life.
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