When it comes legal translations, we use only experienced legal translators who understand how to translate the legal lexicon correctly. Our professional legal translators have been attorneys themselves and practiced law in all parts of the world. With Kepo, an experienced, legal professional will be translating your documents. Whether it be court documents that need translation from Spanish to English, a term of service agreement, or letters from an incarcerated client, are team of experts will ensure everything is transcribed and conveyed exactly as it was meant to be. Feel free to read more about Kepo’s professional legal team below.

For all further questions please contact us at (720) 441-3139 or send an email to Our office is located in Denver, Colorado on Colorado Blvd. right off the I-25 freeway.

Kepo’s Legal Team


I completed a 5-year Business Management program (top 20), and subsequently earned a Marketing & Sales post-graduate specialization degree. I have spoken English since age five. I completed the advanced TOFEL exam at age 14. I've worked in the education industry, and I have extensive experience in large firms that specialize in law, consumer goods, and the food and beverage industry. I taught English to children, and later I became a translator for business professionals and lawyers primarily from Asia. I also specialize in Digital Marketing (SEO-SEM) and in projects that can better people’s quality of life.


As a attorney at law from Spain, I am fully qualified give you accurate legal advice, and produce the legal documents and legal acts that your case requires. I’m a proven, experienced manager and effective team member. I am fully capable of responding quickly and accurately to evolving securities, laws, and regulations. I was born in Spain, and I've lived in the UK and USA.