Q. How long until I receive my translation?
A. If you have a simple, one page document such as a birth certificate, we can have your translation done and delivered on the same day of your payment. Please be aware that the earlier you make the payment, the more likely it will be finished on the same day.

Q. What is the whole process?
A.You can scan and email us the document(s) to info@kepoinc.com. If you do not have access to a scanner you can text a picture of the document(s) to (720) 375-1258. If you choose to take a picture with your phone please make sure the writing on the document is clearly visible, and include your name and email in the text. Once we have reviewed the document(s), we will send you a quote with payment instructions. As soon as we receive payment we will get to work. Once the translation is finished, we will send both the completed translation and certificate to your email. If you would like hard copies sent to you, we can do so for an additional $5 charge.

Q. Will the USCIS accept a printed off version of my translation and certificate?
A. Yes. We have done hundreds of translations for the USCIS and our clients have had no problems with a printed version off their translation and certificate. Don’t worry!

Q. Are your translators certified?
A. Each one of our translators is certified and vetted to meet the high standards we set here at Kepo. We have only the best!