The Border Crisis: How to Help.


Surely you have watched the recent news coverage regarding the crisis on United States and Mexican border. What has received a considerable amount of coverage is the ongoing flood of children from countries in Central America. These children are taking the long and dangerous journey to the United States by themselves. They do so, in an effort to flee the poverty and gang violence that has become a daily way of life for people in countries like Honduras and El Salvador.

If these children are fortunate enough to arrive to the United States they arrive without food, money, or access to basic living necessities. Many end of staying in shelters while they await their fate of most likely being deported back to their home countries.

Unfortunately,  nasty politics has become the center of attention in this crisis. Politicians and media outlets choose to play the endless blame game rather than talk about what can be done to help these kids.

Even though our platform at Kepo is nothing compared to that of major media organizations, we still wanted to try and inform people of the Save the Children organization. This organization is committed to helping children that are homeless on America’s southern border. In the video below Carolyn Miles of Save the Children discusses the situation that many workers and volunteers on the border are confronting. 

At Kepo, we are sending personal hygiene products to these shelters. In addition, we have committed to donating 10% of all our proceeds to the Save the Children foundation.

Whether big or small, we feel that all business’ have an obligation to help those in need. We are committed to not only helping our customers, many of whom are immigrants themselves, but also helping those who have immigrated  to the United States and find themselves homeless.

We invite you also give a little to help these children in need. None of us were able to choose where we were born, and no blame should be put on these kids for wanting to improve and many times save their lives.


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