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A birth certificate is a document used by a country`s authority to establish the identity of their citizens. Is a document that can be required by a future employer, an airliner who needs to buy a ticket or any agency or government office for applications and paperwork. In many countries, a birth certificate is a person`s proof of identity.

A birth certificate usually contains the name of the person, date of birth, name of the parent`s and their addresses and occupations. Additional important information is the place of birth, and the name and signature of the doctor who attended to the childbirth. At the top of the Birth Certificate we can find the name and address of the office, as well as the paperwork and book number where is the birth certificate is registered.

A birth certificate must be translated when you are in a situation where the official language is not the same as our birth`s country. A birth certificate is necessary to obtain a passport, a international adoption or admittance in an American university. If there is any mistake on the translation, it can present serious problem and in many cases, it may mean a denial of the paperwork you are doing.

In the immigration process of the United States, is very important to translate the birth certificate. This translation must meet the USCIS Requirements. You can hire the services of a professional translator or an agency expert in translations.

Once you have your birth certificate translated, it will come with a translation certificate. A translation certificate is a document issued by the interpreter of the agency who did the translation, demonstrating that the translation has been accurately translated. A notarized certification is even more advantageous because it eliminates problems that might arise.

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For all further questions please contact us at 720-375-1258 or send an email to Our office is located in Denver, Colorado. on Colorado Blvd. right off the I-25 freeway. Even though our main office is in Denver, our services are offered throughout the U.S. and accepted by all USCIS officials.

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It may appear stressful at first, but getting a website, birth certificate, marriage license, or school transcripts translated and certified can be a simple process. At Kepo, we work around the clock so you can have what you need, when you need it. We have built a team of certified translators that have a wide array of backgrounds and extensive experience. Each document is assigned to the translator best suited for the job, and we ensure that each word is translated correctly. In addition, we make sure the format of the translation is identical to the original. This gives it a professional appearance that will be accepted by any university or government institution, including the USCIS. At Kepo, we care about giving you a positive experience and making this entire process easier allowing you to to get back to the things that matter most in your life.
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